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Close collaboration between AU Herning and members of the Danish Parliament

Recently, two members of the Danish Parliament, Esben Lunde Larsen (The Liberal Party) and Andreas Steenberg (The Social Liberal Party), paid a visit to AU Herning.

[Translate to English:] Fra venstre ses prodekan for uddannelse på BSS Peder Østergaard, MF Esben Lunde Larsen (V), institutleder på AU Herning Michael Evan Goodsite og MF Andreas Steenberg (B).

The two members of the Danish Parliament met with Michael Evan Goodsite, Department Head at AU Herning, and Peder Østergaard, who is Vice-Dean for Education at Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Science, the faculty governing AU Herning. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the challenges and development potential of AU Herning and the areas around Central and Western Jutland where AU Herning is situated.

- I think it is very important that we strengthen the educational opportunities in Central and Western Jutland. AU Herning plays a key role in this, and that is why it is important to have political consensus that we need to strengthen this part of the university, says Esben Lunde Larsen who is the Liberal Party’s spokesperson for education.

- We saw a range of good examples of AU Herning’s valuable contributions, and we had the chance to discuss various important and pressing issues. It is always nice to have these face-to-face meetings, adds Esben Lunde Larsen.

The government wants AU Herning to do more

The meeting was an opportunity for the politicians to gain a better understanding of the challenges that a university unit such as AU Herning is faced with, and it was a chance for the elected representatives from the region and Aarhus University’s department in Central and Western Jutland to give each other competent feedback and engage in professional and fruitful discussions. There were several topics on the agenda, stretching all the way from transportation and the collaboration between universities and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to ideas for new exciting projects and research centres.

- The government wants AU Herning to do more. In Herning they are excellent at generating value for the companies and making sure that their students can find work when they graduate. But we need more of this, and AU Herning should be setting the fashion for many other educational institutions, says Andreas Steenberg and continues:

- I look forward to meeting with AU Herning on a regular basis, so that Esben Lunde Larsen and I can contribute to developing the school, and this will also benefit the region in the long run.

Discussing the challenges and development of Central and Western Jutland

Generally, the participants in the meeting agreed on various issues, such as the fact that AU Herning’s collaboration with the municipalities and the business community is very valuable, and that the graduates from AU Herning and other higher education institutions have a large role to play in generating growth and welfare in the area around Central and Western Jutland. Moreover, each of the involved parties challenged each other by asking constructive questions and bringing ideas from the political arena to the academic environment at Aarhus University.

- We have had a good and constructive meeting with Esben Lunde Larsen and Andreas Steenberg, and I am happy that they took the time to come out and visit us. It is always interesting to discuss the challenges and possibilities of our region with people of like mind, who are also eager to improve the conditions of Central and Western Jutland. I believe that if we pull together to contribute to the development of our region, we will have a much bigger chance of reaching our goals and securing a good foundation for the development of the area. And this will benefit all those who live here, says Michael Evan Goodsite.

The meeting resulted in a declaration of intent to continue this dialogue in the future. By joining forces to solve the challenges, the involved parties will contribute positively to the development of higher education, the business community and regional development in Central and Western Jutland.