More new study programmes at AU Herning

Letter to the editor by Helge Sander, Chairman of the External Council at AU Herning.

2014.06.20 | Winnie Axelsen

As chairman of the External Council at Aarhus University’s department in Herning, I am pleased to announce that AU Herning has many new initiatives in the pipeline in the years to come. I would like to emphasise that AU Herning is fast progressing – and the department is absolutely not in the process of phasing out on any accounts. There are many exciting developments under way, which will soon be revealed. The department will be advancing both in the area of education and in the department’s collaboration with the business community, which is vital for securing continued growth in Central and Western Jutland.

Plans have been made to establish new study programmes at AU Herning in 2016 and 2017; programmes with unique opportunities for specialisation, which are in high demand among the students and society at large. These specialisations will not be available in any other educational institutions outside the Greater Copenhagen Area, and they will therefore be significant assets for the department in Herning, and may potentially attract students from a much larger part of the country.

AU Herning has decided to develop new study programmes with a view to increasing the number of students and to further enhance the department’s core competences within the fields of business administration and engineering. The goal is also to strengthen AU Herning’s position as a provider of high-quality education and to secure the production of attractive graduates who answer to the needs and demands of the local business community. The work that has begun is very exciting, and it bodes well for Central and Western Jutland.

Strengthened profile with emphasis on business administration and engineering

Aarhus University, including AU Herning, will be focusing its competences and resources on strengthening the department, so that it can meet the quality requirements for educational and research institutions now and in the future. As a university, AU Herning is required to deliver research-based programmes that meet the requirements stipulated in the Danish Parliament’s Act on the Accreditation of Institutions of Higher Education, which in turn should enable the department to attract more of the most skilled Danish and international researchers. It is also a way of making sure that the area of Central and Western Jutland is able to retain a highly qualified and specialised workforce in the future.

AU Herning is therefore concentrating its efforts on enhancing its core competences within the fields of engineering and business administration, because it is through the combination of these two fields that we will be able to contribute to solving the challenges of tomorrow. Bringing together these two fields yields an exciting interdisciplinary cross field. I personally believe that through this form of innovative thinking we will be able to find solutions to the challenges we will be faced with in the future both in a local and global competitive context.

A student is not just another number

At AU Herning, high priority is given to maintaining a close relation with each of the students. Teaching takes place in small classes, whereby we make sure that no student slips through the cracks or becomes just another number. AU Herning offers the best opportunities for the students to establish a personal relation with their lecturers – and vice versa.

And the students always mention this as a particular strength when they are asked to describe what characterises AU Herning. It is a comfort to know that the students are being taken care of here at the department in Herning. It is a strength that I hope will be maintained in the future.

As chairman of the External Council, I am pleased to conclude that we are seeing great progress at AU Herning. There are many new initiatives in the pipeline in the coming years, which will benefit the business community as well as current and future students. I am therefore quite confident about the future of AU Herning, and I am looking forward to seeing what all these new initiatives will bring.