Friday 24 June 2016 marked the summer graduation day of the full-time students at the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH).

[Translate to English:] Fredag den 24. juni 2016 var der sommerdimission for de fuldtidsstuderende på Institut for Forretningsudvikling og Teknologi (BTECH). Foto: Tine Bagger

There were happy and smiling faces all around. Despite a grey morning sky, the sun came out just as the graduation ceremony began. Friday 24 June was a day that many of the people present had been looking forward to eagerly.  This was the day of their official graduation. 

Head of Department Anders Frederiksen welcomed everyone and was followed by Simon Krogsgaard from Danske Bank, who gave the graduation speech.

Rasmus Lund-Jensen, Master of Science in Engineering, spoke on behalf of the graduates. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of remembering that we can all learn something each day. He encouraged everyone to go out in the world and start wondering, to use this wonder to question how things are done and in this way add a new and clear perspective to contemporary working life. Many years on the labour market might make it difficult for people to spot where things could be done differently. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is something both you - as a new graduate - and your colleagues can learn from.

The day was characterised by a relaxed and happy atmosphere and was full of catcalls, applause and laughter.

A local girl choir (MidtVest Pigekor) performed at the graduation ceremony, which ended with the graduates receiving their diplomas. The ceremony was followed by a reception for the graduates, their family and friends, and the lecturers and business executives who had turned up to celebrate the graduates.

The Graduate Awards:

Best thesis at ICM Christina Fyhn Nielsen & Kamilla Østergaard Borg

Presented by: Eva Sørum, on behalf of Hans Foxby’s Foundation

Best thesis at HA/HAib (BSc in Economics and Business Administration/International Business) Anne Korsbæk Holm/Mette Jakobsen

Presented by: Inger Mørch Hauge, on behalf of Hans Foxby’s Fond

Summer Graduate of the Year (Master’s level): Anna Friis Christensen

Presented by: Inger Mørch Hauge, on behalf of the HHI-Foundation

Herning-Ikast Håndværker- og Industriforening

IDA – The Engineering Award (incl. Diploma of Technology): Sara Rose Newell

Presented by: Mette Knak Larsen, IDA (The Engineering Society)

Summer Graduate of the Year: Mikkel Gundestrup Belling

Presented by: Simon Krogsgaard, Danske Bank

195 students graduated on Friday 24 June. In addition, 23 people on the Business Engineering programme as well as 102 people on the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) and the Diploma in Management graduated on Thursday 23 June.