MSc in Engineering at AU Herning will continue in a different form

With the full support of the Accreditation Council, Aarhus University will strengthen the research environment behind the Master's degree programme in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development), which is offered at AU Herning. The programme will recommence with a new study structure with the aim of ensuring that the school produces more highly qualified graduates, who will be in even higher demand in the business community.

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At a meeting on 15 November 2013, the Accreditation Council decided to extend the accreditation of the MSc in Engineering at AU Herning, thereby allowing the programme to continue in a restructured form for the next year, after which the programme will be re-evaluated.

The Accreditation Council has previously issued a preliminary refusal to grant re-accreditation to the programme. But after having considered Aarhus University's proposal for a new study structure, the Council has decided to allow AU Herning to continue the degree programme and implement the new structure. The Accreditation Council will then assess the new structure after one year of operation.

“Aarhus University gives high priority to the quality assurance of its degree programmes and has made a significant effort to build a Master’s degree in Technology Based Business Development that lives up to the university’s own high academic standards. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to continue the programme, and we will acknowledge the Accreditation Council’s decision by working determinedly to elevate the programme to the high academic level that is required,” says Dean Svend Hylleberg from the School of Business and Social Sciences, the faculty under which AU Herning belongs.

According to Svend Hylleberg, the research environment behind the programme has greatly improved since the Council’s last accreditation visit in the early spring 2013. And the school is now working even harder to strengthen the research base by hiring several new researchers.

“AU Herning is progressing, and in order to support this positive development, we must continue our work to improve the research base of all our degree programmes. With a new degree programme structure we aim to make sure that our students, to a greater extent than previously, maintain close ties with the relevant and active research environments throughout their degrees,” says Svend Hylleberg.

New study structure makes for more attractive candidates

Head of Department at AU Herning Michael Goodsite is pleased with the prospects of the new degree programme structure, which will yield even more competent graduates for the benefit of the business community in Central and Western Jutland, among others.

"We will heighten the students' academic level and skills, and we will provide a secure anchoring of the fields of technology and commerce. At the same time we will make sure that the students are taught primarily by active researchers,” explains Michael Goodsite.

The academic level of the first two semesters of the programme will be greatly improved, and this will also benefit the associated mentor companies, who get to collaborate with students who are even better qualified than before. Moreover, the students will be able to write their Master’s theses in collaboration with one of the affiliated companies.

The new study structure is scheduled to take effect in the summer of 2014. Current students in the Master’s degree programme in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development) will be offered personal counselling, helping them to continue under the new degree programme structure.

Further information

  • Dean Svend Hylleberg, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, +45 23 38 20 20
  • Department Head Michael Evan Goodsite, AU Herning, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, +45 60 11 25 57