MSc in Engineering no. 300 graduates from BTECH

Anders Zacho Jørgensen is MSc in Engineering no. 300 to graduate from BTECH, Aarhus BSS.

[Translate to English:] Anders Zacho Jørgensen får her overrakt blomster og vin af lektor Torben Tambo efter en veloverstået eksamen. Foto. Tine Bagger

“It’s completely overwhelming, but I’m very happy and relieved,” said Anders Zacho Jørgensen, who completed his MSc in Engineering on Monday 23 January 2017, and as no. 300 to boot, which is why he was treated to some extra attention, flowers and wine. He was received by his mother and sister, who were ready to congratulate him on his impressive mark 10.

The first class of MScs in Engineering (also called Master of Science in Technology Based-Business Development) graduated in 2009. Today, the degree programme is very popular.  Every year, 80 students commence on the degree programme, which focuses on understanding, assessing and acquiring new technological knowledge, new business areas and new technologies for companies. The degree programme’s language of instruction is English.

“It was exactly the right choice!” says Anders Zacho Jørgensen, who is very happy to have attended BTECH. In addition to the technical aspect, the degree programme is very much about how the technology can be used in practice, and this is what Anders likes the most. He wants to work with people and with how the technology can be used, and on these points, the degree programme delivered.

Future plans
Anders has a girlfriend in the Netherlands, who works in a hospital as a radiographer, and he has already moved to the Netherlands. As such, the plan is to get a job there, and preferably in the hospital sector - more specifically within telemedicine, which is the area he has worked with for a long time, and also the subject of his final project.