AU Herning’s business engineers move into Navitas

The 38,700 square meter Navitas building on the Aarhus Docklands has been inaugurated and is now home to AU Herning’s business engineering programme. Prior to the move, the programme was based at the Aarhus University School of Engineering.

AU Herning’s business engineering specialisation is a one-semester programme available to all students of engineering. The programme previously belonged under the Aarhus University School of Engineering, which, like AU Herning, was recently made part of Aarhus University. The programme now belongs under AU Herning, as the programme is better suited to the department’s profile. Thus, the programme is offered in Aarhus by AU Herning and has been moved to the new Navitas building located at the Aarhus Docklands along with the rest of the engineering degree programmes in Aarhus.

Some students of engineering choose to spend an extra semester specialising in business engineering in continuation of their Bachelor of Engineering programme, thereby supplying their engineering education with business knowledge. Throughout the programme, some of them even get a taste for the interplay between engineering and business and end up using the programme as a springboard to continue on to AU Herning’s MSc in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development), which is also focused on the integration of business and engineering.

A new class of students just started their semester on business engineering at Navitas, and they will finish the programme at the end of January next year. Throughout the semester, the new students will be working on four different projects, which include the development of a new draught beer dispenser, a quick pay system (electronic payment) and a martial arts club.

About Navitas

Aarhus University has placed all the programmes and research activities related to engineering in the new hexagonal Navitas building, which holds room for 2,700 students, researchers and entrepreneurs as well as several companies. The concept behind Navitas is for the different parties under the same roof to contribute to establishing a productive environment, making the building a hub for education, research and innovation especially focused on energy technologies. Therefore, it seems only natural for AU Herning’s programme in Aarhus to be based at Navitas since AU Herning focuses on maintaining a strong correlation between the areas of education and research on the one hand and innovation and local companies on the other.

Navitas is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment for conducting experiments. Among other things, the hexagonal building holds a full-scale energy lab in which the load-bearing structures, energy management systems as well as the cooling and ventilation systems are fully accessible to both researchers and students.

The building is constructed as an energy class 1 building and adheres to the principles of integrated energy design. This means that the building will continuously adapt to the users and consume the least amount of energy as possible. On the roof there are 1,280 solar cells, which supply the building with energy, and on the bottom floors, the building is cooled with seawater.

Apart from being home to Aarhus University’s engineering programmes and research environments, Navitas also houses INCUBA and the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering.

Further information

Read more about Navitas at and AU Herning’s business engineering programme on - or contact:

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