AU Herning to concentrate on the fields of business and engineering

The Bachelor’s degree programme in International Communication and Multimedia will no longer be offered at AU Herning. Instead, Aarhus University will focus more closely on developing AU Herning’s research and teaching environments within the fields of business and engineering.

2014.05.13 | AU Kommunikation

One of AU Herning’s main priority areas is being able to offer research-based education, and as an educational institution, AU Herning is currently undergoing a positive development, as more and more of the teaching on the business and engineering programmes is being conducted by experienced and active researchers, which greatly benefits the students on the programmes.

But AU Herning has also experienced some difficulties recruiting lecturers with sufficient research experience for the Bachelor’s programme in International Communication and Multimedia (IMC). As a consequence, the university management have decided to cease admission to the degree programme as of the summer 2014.

Current students can finish their degrees

“Of course, we offer our current students the necessary guidance towards finishing their Bachelor’s degrees and continuing on to relevant Master’s programmes. We are also in the throes of finding alternative programmes for the students who have sought admission to the ICM this spring in the hopes of commencing their studies in the autumn of 2014. We will be contacting all applicants as soon as possible to offer them counselling and advice on what other study options they have at Aarhus University,” says Peder Østergaard, who is vice-dean for education at School of Business and Social Sciences under which AU Herning belongs.

The International Communication and Multimedia programme combines theoretical and practical training within the areas of marketing, communication and media production. Recently, AU Herning has been through an accreditation process conducted by the Danish Accreditation Institution, which was aimed at documenting the applicability and quality of the degree programmes offered at AU Herning. The goal was for AU Herning to obtain the accreditation that is required by law of all higher education degree programmes in Denmark.

However, the Accreditation Institution has recommended that the degree programme be denied accreditation. The primary reason for this is that the proportion of teaching conducted by researchers on the media production courses is not sufficient.

“Unfortunately, despite a major effort, we have not been able to attract enough lecturers with the required practical skills and knowledge of multimedia as well as a strong enough background in research. At Aarhus University we give high priority to the quality assurance of our degree programmes, and in light of the Accreditation Institution’s emphasis on the lack of researcher coverage, we have decided to discontinue the programme as of this summer, which means that no new students will be admitted,” explains vice-dean Peder Østergaard.

Potential in recruiting more students for the business programmes

By bringing together all the communication programmes at School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) into joint research environments in Aarhus, AU Herning will have room to concentrate its efforts on the areas of business and engineering instead.

“We must harness the potential of this new strategic focus, giving room for the further development of the fields of business and engineering, towards recruiting more students and thereby securing and expanding AU Herning’s business activities,” says Peder Østergaard. He sees the potential, for instance, in establishing new specialisations within the business programmes, and in the near future he will initiate this work in collaboration with AU Herning’s new management team and head of department Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, who takes up office on 1 June.

In the long run, the decision to cease admission to the ICM programme may have consequences for some of AU Herning’s employees. Therefore, on Tuesday 13 May, there will be a series of information meetings for both the students and employees at Birk Centerpark 15.

Moving forward, Aarhus University intends to make extensive investments in the work towards strengthening the researcher coverage and AU Herning’s position within the fields of business and engineering. The objective is for AU Herning to continue to offer high-quality research-based programmes for the benefit of the employers in the business community and thereby contribute further to the local and regional development.

Information for prospective students

In the coming weeks, Aarhus University will be contacting all prospective students who have applied for enrolment on the Bachelor’s degree programme in International Communication and Multimedia. Moreover, head of programme Jan Laursen will be available to answer questions from prospective students.

Further information

  • Vice-dean Peder Østergaard, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. Tel.: +45 2679 8554
  • Dean Svend Hylleberg, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University. Tel.: +45 2338 2020

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