Aarhus University gets stronger engineering profile in central and western Jutland

Aarhus University gears up in central and western Jutland. A new partnership will strengthen the local Electronic Design Engineer programme.

The School of Engineering, Aarhus University has just assumed responsibility for the Electronic Design Engineer BSc programme which has up until now been based at AU Herning. The partnership strengthens the collaboration on educational and innovation activities, says Conni Simonsen, Director of the School of Engineering, Aarhus University, and centre director Michael Evan Goodsite, AU Herning, School of Business and Social Sciences.

“There is considerable demand for engineers in the region, and the engineering field at Aarhus University wants an even stronger presence in central and western Jutland. While maintaining close links with the businesses already collaborating with AU Herning, we are creating optimum conditions for developing our study programmes so that tomorrow’s engineers will be able to find jobs and add the greatest possible value to the companies for whom they work,” says Conni Simonsen.

With the new partnership, Aarhus University expects to strengthen the profile of the Electronic Design Engineer programme while at the same time making it more interesting to study engineering in, for example, Herning. 

“Teaching the Electronic Design Engineer programme will continue to take place at AU Herning, but students will now be able to follow subjects on related programmes offered by Aarhus University. Given the imminent shortage of engineers, we need to encourage more young people to apply for the engineering degree programmes, and being linked to the strongest possible research environments is a critical factor to ensure a strong intake,” says centre director at AU Herning Michael Evan Goodsite.

Stronger academic programmes
When the School of Engineering, Aarhus University takes over the Electronic Design Engineer programme, AU Herning is simultaneously being assigned responsibility for the School of Engineering’s specialist Business Engineer programme, which will, however, continue to be offered in Aarhus.

“The School of Engineering, Aarhus University is coupling the Electronic Design Engineer programme in Herning to a strong academic environment, while AU Herning’s focus on combining engineering, management and commerce is bolstering the Business Engineer specialisation.  All this will benefit both students and the business community,” says AU Herning’s centre director Michael Evan Goodsite.  

More business partnerships in the pipeline
In connection with the new partnership, Aarhus University also wants to focus on local and regional knowledge exchange in the Herning area.

“Aarhus University is staking heavily on further strengthening its collaboration with local engineering companies in Herning. We know that this

 can help to strengthen the businesses’ competitiveness and innovativeness,” says Conni Simonsen.

The agreement on degree programmes between AU Herning and the School of Aarhus, Aarhus University took effect on 1 February this year.


Conni Simonsen
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Michael Evan Goodsite
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