2014.06.30 | Public/media

325 students graduated from AU Herning this summer

325 full-time and part-time students have just graduated from AU Herning, and the new graduates were celebrated at a graduation ceremony with celebratory speeches, an award ceremony and a reception.

2014.06.26 | Education news

New unique study programmes are coming to Central and Western Jutland

In the coming years, AU Herning, Aarhus University’s department in Central and Western Jutland, will establish several new study programmes. This is done in order to meet the demand of the business community, and it is also part of a diversification strategy to offer unique study programmes based on the department’s core research areas within the…

2014.06.24 | Conference

Global conference at Aarhus University creates links between companies and researchers

This week, the global PMA conference focusing on the topic of business performance is taking place at Aarhus University. The conference, which is organised in collaboration with the University of Cambridge in England, has a unique dimension in that it encourages knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences between the business community and the…

2014.06.20 | Public/media

More new study programmes at AU Herning

Letter to the editor by Helge Sander, Chairman of the External Council at AU Herning.