2013.03.19 | Talent development

Apply for a PhD scholarship at AU Herning

You can now apply for a PhD scholarship at AU Herning within different areas. The application deadline is Monday 15 April. AU Herning encourages all interested master students to apply.

It is an important message to send both internally and externally that we are now on a par with the other departments at Aarhus University, says Michael Goodsite. Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen, AU Foto.

2013.03.11 | Aarhus BSS, Administrative conditions, News from the management

AU Herning gains status as department as of 1 April

As of 1 April, AU Herning will become a department on a par with the other six departments at BSS. This means a stronger profile, greater recognition and increased opportunity for cooperation in Central Jutland and internationally, says Head of Department Michael Goodsite.