Instead of regarding Greenlanders as victims in advance, a new research project at Aarhus University will now identify the sectors, types of businesses and logistics chains that may benefit from the extraction. Photo: Colourbox

2013.06.20 | Research news, Aarhus BSS

Who will be the winners of the Greenlandic mining adventure?

Will Greenlandic companies and local communities end up being victims or long-term benefactors of the coming extraction of raw materials in Greenland? A researcher from Aarhus University will identify the potential gains for Greenland based on other extraction projects in the Arctic region.

2013.06.19 | Public/media

7 out of 10 international students from at AU Herning settle in Denmark.

One of them is Bogdan Raykov who will soon graduate from AU Herning's Master of Science in Engineering.

2013.06.18 | People

How can 6.5 billion people live in the cities in the future?

A new international collaboration is to innovate future urban development to ensure that it is centred on people and makes everyday life easier by linking urban development with wireless technology in a completely new way.