Registration at the reception and breakfast in the canteen


Welcome and practical information

Key note: Walter Stahel. Director, Product-Life Institute & Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Surrey:
Surprises of the circular economy – looking back with hindsight


Plenary session 1: Public-Private Synergies

·         Elinor Bæk Thomsen, Chief Consultant, RegionMidt. A Regional Perspective on Circular Economy

·         Ybele Hoogeveen, Head of group, Green economy, European Environment Agency

·         Tina Magaard, Associate Professor, BTECH, Aarhus University.
Circular Economy as a Public Management Concept


Break with fruit and veggie snacks


Plenary session 2: Transforming matter

·         Per Møller, Centre Director, Kalundborg Symbiosis: How global challenges can become local advantages

·         Uffe Jørgensen, Centre Director, Centre for Circular Bioeconomy, Aarhus University: Circular economy as a means to double productivity and halve environmental impact from Danish agriculture


Small break


Key note: Reid Lifset, Research Scientist and Resident Fellow in Industrial Ecology, Yale University.
The Role of Extended Producer Responsibility in the Circular Economy.


Lunch in the canteen


Work shop 1: Industrial Implementation

·         Monia Niero, researcher, Technical University of Denmark: A decision-support Framework for Circular Economy Implementation in the Packaging Sector

·         Prof. Dr.-Ing Silke Eckardt & M.Sc. Vanessa Spielmann, Hochschule Bremen Challenges of Offshore windfarm decommissioning

Work shop 2: Textile Sector Innovation

·         Dr. Sascha Peters, Director, Haute Innovation, Zukunftsagentur für Material und Technologie Future Fibers for a Circular Economy

·         Cristina Dan, SOLVE Apparel, Clothing That Creates Zero Waste While Discouraging Consumption Trough User-participatory Design


Break. Coffee and cake


Workshop 3: The challenge of
Organised by EngTech Lab, BTECH

·         Allan Gross, Professor, BTECH, Aarhus university

·         Rune Aardal Hansen, Ph.D.-fellow, BTECH, Aarhus University

·         Finn Olesen, Associate Professor, Center for Science-Technology-Society Studies, Aarhus

·         Edward Vingwe, phd-student, AAU

·         Christian Lystbæk, associate professor på BTECH

Workshop 4: (in Danish) Markedsklare bæredygtige fibre og disses potentiale i fremtidens cirkulære kredsløb

Organised by Lifestyle & Design Cluster

·         Poul-Erik Jørgensen, Chefkonsulent, VIA Design

·         Vickie Meier Engström, REALLY

Workshop 5:  How to stimulate and support circular economy integration in the Nordic industry

·         Iben Kinch Sohn, Circular Economy Consultant, Dansk Industri (DI)

·         Fenna Blomsma, post doc, DTU, representative of the CIRCit consortium




Final remarks and evaluation (Big Auditorium)