noun | mem·ber | \ˈmem-bər\ 

A person, country or organisation that has joined a group, society or team. 

Allan Gross

H bygn. 8001, 1212
P +4587166918
P +4561150219

Research interests

  • Optimisation
  • Air quality 
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • (Micro)plastics

Allan's research interests are primarily directed towards using applied and analytical mathematics, computational algorithm and optimisation techniques (data and parameter optimisation) to study physical and chemical systems as well as engineering problems and processes in diverse media, including lab experiments, renewable energy systems, traffic movements, in- and outdoor air quality and microplastics, particularly in inner Danish waters, and link these studies to the impact on human behaviour.    

Lars Bækgaard

H bygn. 8001, 1205
P +4587166919
P +4526392207

Research interests

  • Conceptualisation of the service concept and method support for service design
  • Method support for enterprise architecture
  • Conceptualisation of the notion of digital capabilities
  • Digital infrastructures
  • Conceptual modelling of interaction, information and processes
  • Event-based modelling
  • Interaction modelling
  • Enterprise architecture

Lars' primary research interest is information systems, particularly seen through a socio-technical lens. His main methodological approach is design science research.  

Hans Henrik Hansen

H bygn. 8001, 3101
P +4587166942
P +4561180145

Research interests

  • Mechatronic design
  • Mathematical regulation

Hans Henrik has several years of experience from R&D in engineering and economics with primary emphasis on renewable energy, electrochemistry and biochemistry, finite element analysis of fluid-thermal-structural systems, electronic control, mobile phone programming and B2B economics. 

Research interests

  • Innovation and meaning creation
  • Supply network alignment

John's research interests are (i) combining interdisciplinary technologies for business development, (ii) business model innovation aiming at improving the alignment among product, manufacturing and supply network architectures, and (iii) sociomateriality and meaning creation (innovative modelling of technologies and business). 

Martin Olsen

H bygn. 8001, 1205
P +4587166952
P +4523834346

Research interests

  • Algorithms
  • Computational complexity
  • Optimisation
  • Graphs (networks)

Martin's main research areas are algorithms, optimisation and computational complexity. His focus has mainly been on problems within graphs (network analysis) and computational logistics (e.g. terminal logistics for the maritime sector). 

Torben Tambo

H bygn. 8001, 1207
P +4587166917
P +4540254416

Research interests

  • Information systems
  • Technology-based business development
  • The relationship between technology, business and organisation typically related to managing the development of IT systems and multiple domains.

Torben's research interests include project management, technical infrastructures, assessment of data communication standards (EDI, XML), business case justification, systems design, infrastructure design, business modelling, business process modelling (BPMN, BPEL), innovation, political and social determinants in technological solutions for the energy, retail, transportation, government and healthcare. 

Research interests

  • Renewable energy and energy management
  • Energy planning and resources optimisation
  • Wind resource assessment
  • Exergy analysis
  • Energy demand and electricity markets

George's research interests include (i) wind farm siting, spatial planning and analysis of wind resource data from meteorological masts and maps, (ii) short- and long-term forecasting, (iii) energy systems modelling, and (iv) integration of renewable energy generation.

Research interests

  • Robotics
  • Mechatronics

Research interests

  • Energy resources

Research interests

  • Information systems studies
  • IT Integration and governance
  • Business project management
  • Immersive technologies

Konstantinos' research interests include (i) the study and development of information systems, including the integration and governance of such systems as well as the business logic applied to the conceptualisation, adoption and implementation of information systems, and (ii) the attempt to close the loop from engineering, to computer science to management with a focus on technology, organisation and human factors.  

Research interests

  • Electric vehicles/bicycles
  • Logistics and operations management​
  • Transitions to sustainability

Research interests

  • Quality management
  • Operations management
  • Healthcare settings

Marco's research interests are production planning, work organisation, time studies, lean production, six sigma, science of improvement, process management and total quality management.

Research interests

  • Hydrogen technologies
  • Water electrolysis and fuel cells
  • Hydrogen mobility
  • RES 

Research interests

  • (Micro)plastics

Research interests

  • Engineering management
  • Renewable energy