• Advanced Interdisciplinary Research on
    Organisational Development


AIROD was founded on 9 September 2013 by Professor Anders Frederiksen, now Head of the Department of Business Development and Technology (BTECH). Since January 2016, Professor Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson has headed the group and continued its development.

AIROD was established to strengthen the research activities of BTECH's business and management researchers - via joint collaboration in the group and/or via dialogue with colleagues within the area of business and management.

Another aim of the establishment of AIROD was to strengthen the research foundation of business and management curricular activities, particularly at the BSc in Economics and Business Administration and MSc in Marketing and Business Innovation study programmes, but also in terms of the MSc in Engineering (Technology Based Business Development) study programme.


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AIROD’s mission is to promote advanced interdisciplinary research on organisational development through detailed analysis of the behaviours, interactions and performances of stakeholders. 


Advance knowledge in organisations.

The research group strives to become a leading research centre with a core competence in organisational development. Our research will contribute to academia and provide implementable solutions for companies, organisations and society.


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