noun | \ˈlab\

A building, part of a building or other place equipped to conduct scientific experiments, tests, investigations, etc.

The EngTech Lab

The EngTech Lab is an evolving environment for experiments with engineering and technology.

The core of the lab is a digital infrastructure that supports the collaborative work of researchers and students.

The lab  contains an evolving set-up of computing hardware and software and other types of digitalised artefacts.

Examples of activities in the lab:

  • Design of and experiments with digital infrastructures 
  • Experiments with physical artefacts with digitally supported functions
  • Experiments with mathematical models and computations
  • Experiments with digitised processes
  • Design of and experiments with digitised sociotechnical systems

The lab is based in a room that contains the core equipment, and it will be possible to access the lab remotely.

The Production Lab



The (Micro)Plastics Lab